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Site Locator is a web app that you can instantly link from your website, emails or social media. Your customers simply click the link, locate and outline their property, complete the form information, and click the Send button. You receive an email with all of the information, including a Google Earth KML file attachment, their contact information and comments. Best of all, you can create and deploy your Site Locator in just seconds!

Features at a Glance

  • Uses Google Maps to allow customers to locate and mark their sites precisely.

  • Provides street address and latitude/longitude search capability.

  • Sites can be marked by a line (roads, rivers, etc.) or polygon (property boundaries).

  • Collects customer contact information, comments and special instructions.

  • The "Action List" can be customized to contain anything you like, including order and quote requests.

  • Easy on-screen, step-by-step instructions provided for your customers.

  • Reset button is provided to correct drawing and input mistakes.

  • Instantly acknowledges successful request transmission to the customer, and sends a confirmation email with confirmation code.

  • Customers can submit multiple sites.

  • Customize the title colors and text to match your website.

  • You receive all information captured by the Site Locator through email. The email includes a Google Earth KML file attachment with site markup. It also includes a GPX file attachment for easy site export to portable GPS devices.

  • Site Locator is available in languages other than English. Use the contact form below for details.

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